Noreia Blüten Essenzen

simple and diverse

7 drops from the 10 ml bottle can be used as follows:

  • To spray: Pour them in a 100ml spray-bottle and fill it up with “good” water (without chlorides or nitrates). Spray your body, face, hands, feet, back several times a day – even your clothes, shoes, bed, rooms
  • In your daily bath or shower gel
  • In your body oil or lotion. It is fine to use a wet face cloth. Massage your whole body with it.

3 drops from the 10 ml bottle can be used:

  • in the oil burner
  • in a foot bath or washing water

Noreia Essences can be combined as you like. Please only use them in your private rooms or if you have the permission from other people. Using them indiscreetly, without informing the people around you, would be an abuse.
Noreia Essences are used externally. In this way, their potential to reduce stress is developed and released.
Noreia works under the premise of “Nurse life, wherever you meet it” (Hildegard v. Bingen).

In this sense, Noreia Essences are useful for plants, animals and humans.