Noreia Blüten Essenzen


Imagine, you are walking through a flowering alpine meadow and enjoying its brightness! Can you feel how all your senses are inspired? Have you ever stayed close to a tree for a longer time; and have you ever felt its rhythm, its energy?

Plants are unique - each species and each habitat. Varied vegetation and climate zones, as well as different regional soils and environmental conditions, together with influences from sun and moon, build a base for their growth.

This affects how they flourish. Therefore, plants can cultivate different characteristics which influence us humans. Plants are very old. Without plants neither animals nor humans could survive on this planet. They do not need to improve. Plants are complete and perfect - unlike humans.

The completeness of a flower or a tree resonates with the incompleteness of a part of our soul. It draws attention to our weaknesses, helps to develop our character and talents, and it supports the balance of our body-mind-soul. Thus, it becomes easier to recognize AND to fulfil your mission in life.

Noreia-Flower-Essences are special plant extracts. The flowers and trees grow in very special places; most of them are in the alpine meadows around the Grossglockner Mountain. This natural and unspoilt place supports the development of their effects. The essences are won from living plants, which grow on undisturbed at their location. Great respect is shown for the creative power during the process.

Noreia-Essences are used externally as sprays, in a bath or as a body lotion. They help to balance the electromagnetic field of a human and they rearrange the cell memory (Dr. Wilhelm Reich). Furthermore, they contribute to cleaning the morphogenetic field in rooms.